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Amy Adams for Max Mara Timeless is Now Directed by Mario Sorrenti.

Grace Kelly is my fashion icon. There was this regal quality she had and yet there was a down-to-earth quality, as well. She allowed people to see when she was with her children, with her family… a sense of fun, a sense of humor. And yet, she carried that alongside great intelligence.
There are so many things in my life that keep me grounded. One of the things I value the most is nature. If I ever feel overwhelmed… just stepping outside, listening to the birds, feeling the sun, the very basic elements of the earth… all of those things are so special and timeless to me. Timeless to me is authentic. Timeless is now.

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In solidarity with the people Gaza the people of Karachi’s wealthier suburbs gathered in protest.  Whilst there was an unfortunately large amount of PTI and MQM flags promoting individual political interests, the organisers did well to bring people onto the streets.  It is important for everyone to show solidarity to Palestine, while Israel continues to slaughter innocent people.

Having been in Lebanon during Israel’s invasion in 2006 and knowing what they can do, my support will always be with the people of Palestine and any action taken against the Israeli government.  

However, there were certain issues with this protest.  Firstly its location, far away from the American embassy (the closest thing we have from an Israeli embassy).  Instead it was hosted in Karachi’s wealthiest high street.

The second was the use of the slogan ‘Pakistan ka Matlab Kya?’ ‘La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah’ (‘What is the meaning the of Pakistan?’ ‘There is no God but God and Muhammad is his messenger’.  

This not what Pakistan means, it was a slogan promoted during the reign of Zia ul Haq to make the nation into an homogenous Islamic state in which religious minorities were excluded. More importantly people were not gathering to discuss the meaning of Pakistan but to show solidarity with the people of Gaza.

In solidarity,

Zulfikar Ali, July 2014


Kim Kardashian, Manson & Kris Jenner resting sweet dreams in car’s.


Modern parenting with Kris Jenner.

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